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Victoria Garcia Castañeda

“Hi, my name is Victoria, I am from Burgos, Spain and I am currently still living here after spending the last year living in Granada. I am currently studying a second university degree in Philosophy, but first I studied a degree in Audiovisual Communication, which is what my photography holds.

I started taking photos when I was 17 when I was doing photo sessions with my friends, it was a hobby. At that time I uploaded the photographs to Fotolog but it was not anything similar to what I do now. But that interest in photography was what made me study a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the university where I learned more about photography, photo retouching, and image theory. In addition, my final degree work was about panoramic photography, I like to experiment, to try new things.

I’m only using an iPhone 7+ at the moment for my photos. I take the photos, edit and do the rest of the creative work with the same device. It is part of my photography to take the advantage of the potential of a tool that is always with me so I am always ready to take a photo.”

Victoria Garcia Castañeda

Architectural Photography

“First, it was my love for architecture that gave rise to a love for architectural photography. Seeing what others showed about architecture made me want to show what I saw of architecture and the setting in which I like to situate it, isolate it from what sometimes makes us not appreciate it and promote its beauty. Ricardo Bofill, Antoni Gaudí, Óscar Niemeyer, Nieto Soberano, Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry are my favorite architects whose style attracts me the most.”

I am very attracted to the symmetry, balance, and perspective of the buildings, always supported by color and contrast. I have focused on getting these elements combined in the final result in the way that I consider appropriate. There is not one more important element than another. All elements must be in harmony without one of them being less powerful than the other. All that is what I try to translate in my photographs. The first influence in my photography was Wes Anderson’s cinema, its colors, the magnitude of its buildings, the perfection of each stage. The perfect colors in just measure and perfectly combined. It’s magic.”

Victoria Garcia Castañeda

“I always take advantage of my trips and take the best of each city I visit. I try to organize myself and investigate the places I visit before traveling. It depends on the city that is going to visit the area or another. In Madrid, I prefer the areas of large buildings and in Seville the center or old town, for example. I also ask friends, search the Internet or search on Instagram. Instagram is a great tool to find scenes. This year I plan to travel to Barcelona and shoot Gaudí’s architecture. I will also like to travel to Italy and come back to Sevilla again, I love Seville’s facades.”

Victoria Garcia Castañeda Victoria Garcia Castañeda

Favorit Photographers

“Miles Aldridge, Sejkko Eri, Ben Zank, Ralph Gräf, Vinnoth Krishna, Koto Bolofo, Mike Hollman, Joshua K. Jackson or Kelsey Mcclellan are my favorites at the moment. Different styles, different inspiration.”

Favorite Instagram Photographers

“My favorite Instagram photographers are @toby.harvard, @andrea_sopranzi, @mirandamakaroff, @cosimos, @accidentallywesanderson and @montykaplan. Wonderful, imaginative, perfect, different, pure and incredible. Total inspiration. Each one of them contributes something to each element that integrates my image.

For example, Cosimos influences me in the proportion of the main element of the image, Miranda Makaroff influences me in the colors, in the vivacity that it provides to the image and Andrea Sopranzi reminds me that in the simple, in minimalism there is balance and beauty.”

Victoria Garcia Castañeda

Favorite Photo

“This photo means a lot to me because it is one of my favorite buildings “Muralla Roja”, Calpe (Alicante, Spain) by architect Ricardo Bofill. I am very proud of this image. It is one of the first photographs in which I began to create my photography style. I love the effect of the contrast of colors along with the perspective of the building and the element of the moon. I am very happy to have been able to visit that architectural marvel.”

By Pixsoul. Photos © Victoria Garcia Castañeda.
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