Nonverbal Art Collaboration Between Two Artists

By Christoph Niemann and Nicholas Blechman

Nicholas Blechman and Christoph Niemann collaborated on a unique project where they would create a series of nonverbal conversations back and forth. The exchange could only be done with their drawings and photos from their smart phones. Over a period of fourth months and 142 pages later they created a witty thought-provoking art book.

The project was started by The Met where they commissioned 12 artists to participate in the project. Each was asked to invite another artist to be his or her conversation partner for a five-month period. From November 2016 to April 2017, the participants sent still images and brief videos back and forth in a game of pictorial ping-pong. They were asked not to write messages or captions and to refrain from sharing their images on social media. Otherwise, the content and frequency of communication were determined by the artists themselves. You can read more from The Met.

More images below and link to artist’s book where you can purchase it for now.

Website | Purchase The Book

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