Mark Maggiori’s Wild West Paintings

If you looked at Mark’s western paintings of the wild wild west, you might think they were made sometime in the 19th century, along with other Western artists at that time like Charles Marion Russell or George Catlin’s. But you might be surprised to learn that all of his work was made in the 21st century. His work perfectly captures the mythical beauty of the American West, of the hardworking, persistent cowboys and ranchers, and the untamed land of the wild west.

Mark got his first glimpse of the West at the age of 15 when he took on a month long road trip visiting New York to San Francisco from France. This impact stayed with him throughout his life. In Paris he enrolled at Academie Julie known for famous painters who also studied there such as Ernest L. Blumenschein, Burt Geer Philips and Joseph Henry Sharp. He didn’t continue his career in drawing but instead focused on his music which was a success. He and his wife traveled throughout the West afterward, and the views of the West reignited a spark he hadn’t felt for over two decades, that was when he decided at the age of 36 to paint Western art.


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