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Daniel Gonçalves

“Hi! This is Daniel Gonçalves aka @italianjesus, a Brazilian graphic designer, photographer and artist (guess we call it a ‘visual artist’ these days). I am from Belo Horizonte and two years ago I moved to São Paulo, an effervescent metropolis in the southeast region of Brazil.

I have always been curious about photography in general because of my interest in arts since my early years but only started taking pictures when I got my first smartphone with a relatively good camera in 2014. It was an iPhone 4.

My wife and I like to take long city walks and that’s the main reason why most of my pictures are taken outdoors. But it doesn’t matter where you are because really anything is photographable. With a camera always in my pocket I started to register everything that caught my attention: from abstract shapes of shadow on a building to unexpected “pieces of art” left unseen on a street corner. With the right crop, you can always reinterpret something and make it look like something else. The cool thing about street photography is that you never know what is coming your way, so this quest for a new moment is endless and can be quite addictive.”

Daniel Gonçalves

Some of these photographs, these “moments” seem to tell a story and leaves the viewer like myself wanting to know more about the photo. Is there a reason why you don’t put a title or description in your photos? Is it because ultimately it doesn’t matter or you want the viewer to guess what it means, or what you were trying to say about the photo?

“There is no specific reason why I don’t put any title or description in my photos. I like this silent contemplation (as in my Italian Jesus profile picture). Guess I am just better at taking pictures than using words. I was reading the answers I gave you last week and every time I read them there is one thing or another I would not say again. Like in question number 1, today my answer would be just “This is Daniel, a visual artist from Brazil.” You see, images speak for themselves. “Reading” an image is an abstract conversation. It’s there: you see what you can see. Words can fool us.”

Daniel Gonçalves Daniel GonçalvesDaniel Gonçalves

Who are some photographers that inspire you?

“There are a lot of talented photographers that inspire me in different ways and most of them I follow on instagram. It’s great to see how people deal with their own environments visually.

Like @gangculture, who has always been a major inspiration. There is this ephemeral mood in his pictures that is really beautiful. @manvisual walks an analogue path with great style and amazing colours. @juliapanades has a great eye with so much creativity. @arnold_daniel can see through people and is always in the right place on the right time.

The Posternak sisters (@zposternak and @tanyaposternak) take loads of pictures of the everyday situations and have very interesting accounts too. This list could go on and on! ”

January 30, 2017

“I took the first picture a while ago (January 30, 2017), the woman figure was tied in such a sad place with that surveillance camera looking over it, totally under control. Some months later I found it again (2nd pic taken on September 19, 2017), but this time there was sunlight and freedom and that made me awkwardly happy.”

Daniel Gonçalves

September 11, 2016

“This composition sums up some a lot of things related to my photos. I took it while walking in a calm neighborhood in São Paulo, there was some “conventional art” painted outside this house wall and the Monalisa figure had pixo all over it’s face. It was like a statement.

Or maybe it raises the question of what is this art, anyway? Then, Pamela posed in front of it and I took the snap. It all happened in a very brief moment and the resemblance they show is amazing. Also, the phone you see next to her is the one I use today.”

March 9, 2017

“I love when nature does something unexpected and this half raining rainbow is really one of a kind. 

Daniel Gonçalves

Daniel Gonçalves

January 31st, 2016

“I like this because it’s one of those pics you shoot and later realize how strange it is. You can’t tell if that’s a real guy at first, and the reflection is also fake. There is a pixo behind him that says “AME +” that means to love more in Portuguese.”

Most of the photos on your Instagram feed are photos of parking lots or empty backstreets, talk about why you focus on those areas more.

“It may seem like I am always shooting on empty backstreets or parking lots because I tend to crop people out of the scene on purpose unless they are doing something interesting. It’s not a rule though, but If you take a look at my Instagram account, you won’t see many faces. There is too much visual information out there and my eyes always tend to lead me to the things we try not to look at in a big city, such as broken stuff, dirty walls, starving people, etc. Even big trees can be “invisible” to the modern pedestrian.

People rush from one place to another inside their cars and pass by beautiful moments without noticing them. There is not a pattern to my work, so I walk with eyes wide open and the photography ends up revealing itself.”

By Pixsoul. Photos © Rielle Barill.
Visit his Instagram for more work and info.

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