Collin Pollard-clouds

Collin Pollard

October 22nd, 2018

My name is Collin Pollard and I am a visual artist currently based in San Francisco, California. I am originally from San Jose, California, about an hour south of the city. I am currently a graduate student at the San Francisco Art Institute where I work in photography and sculpture.

I’ve started my MFA program, so I will be in school for another two years. In terms of career goals, I have the intent to work on my artwork full time, whether that be working in the studio, out taking and editing my surreal photographs or working for clients doing commissioned work.

How did you get into photography? How long have you been practicing photography?

“I originally became interested in photography when I came across the “New Topographics” photographers about two years ago. I loved the concept around making images in mundane spaces. In regards to my practice, I have been taking and editing photographs for about two years.

I take most of my inspiration from painters like David Hockney and Rene Magritte, however two photographers I really admire at the moment are Matthieu Venot and Hayley Eichenbaum.”

How would you describe your style of shooting in your photography work, where do your inspirations come from and where do you normally go to take them at, how do you find your subjects?

“My style is unapologetically bold in terms of color and composition. I take my inspiration from painters like Magritte, Hockney and Mondrian to create my own universe. I would consider my photography to fall under the category of magical realism. I find my subjects all over the world, but primarily from suburban environments in the Bay Area of Northern California.

I would like to be out more taking photos, however, grad school has been sparking my interests in working with other mediums. At the current moment, I will go out and shoot about twice a week. I find most of my locations all over the Bay Area, but I’ve taken photos across the United States and abroad as well.”

Colors are a big part of your series, could you talk about how it effects you and how you generally look for the color palette that satisfies you?

“Color is the most important aspect of my creative practice. Almost all of my photographs go through extensive post production where I go through and pick one central color from the original photograph and from there, I work on the other colors to match my vision for the finished piece.

I use the pastel palette to highlight the flaw in societal norms of masculine and feminine colors. All of my photographs are of industrial spaces, highlighted by concrete textures and shapes, yet they are all in a generally considered more feminine color palette.

This commentary on the ridiculousness of masculinity and femininity in our current world is crucial to understanding the core motivation for me in creating images. Colors are not inherently masculine or feminine in my opinion, this notion came from societal influences.”

Miami Blues

“This piece for me is a great example of how I like to use color. I always strive to make work that has color blocks so the subject/composition almost becomes irrelevant to the viewer. I want colors to be the first aspect of my work that people notice.”


“This work is another example of my love of color. I always try and tackle the creative process in a very formal setting. The use of geometric lines plays a crucial role in my personal editing process. While the subject matter might seem mundane, I hope my use of color and composition can draw the viewer in to notice the little details of our everyday.”

Surreal Cactus

“This photograph is one of my favorites because I love using texture in my work. The contrast between the architectural structure and the organic cactus provides the viewer a look into my surreal, minimalist world. I am always playing with contradictory elements, and in this case it is nature vs. architecture and how they can interact and enhance one another presence.”

Thank you Collin, for sharing your background and your work. Excited to see more in the future!

Written by Yung Tsai. Photos by Collin Pollard.
Visit Collin Pollard’s website and his Instagram for more of his work.

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