Balazs Csizik

Hi Balazs, could you tell us about yourself? Such as where you are from, where you currently live, and what you do for a living?

“I’m Balazs Csizik (29) from Hungary, Székesfehérvár. I obtained my degree in visual communications MA.  I live and work in Budapest as a senior art director in a communications agency called MITTE, where I am responsible for graphic design, branding, as well as shooting campaign photos and films.

I think of visual identities as complex design processes. I am influenced by modern architecture, brutalism, and various art forms like suprematism and constructivism. I also get inspiration from nature, searching for the correlation between urban and natural landscapes.”

Your mixture of architecture and graphic design is interesting as well as the influences from urban architecture and suprematism art movement. Did you study these in school?

“I studied graphic design, and I’m interested in abstract photographs, like the works of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy in so I started researching the connections between abstract photography and the traditional art forms like painting, and graphic design. Following my interests, I wrote my thesis work about the contemporary abstract photography scene in Hungary and started producing works in the genre myself.

In my series ‘Urban Suprematism’ I wanted to combine the visual language of graphic design and photography, using two skillsets. Its a study of the meeting points of constructivist and suprematist art and urban minimalist photography. We can find similar elements in both of them, focusing on basic geometric forms, such as squares, circles, and diagonal lines. I found that these art compositions are reconstructable in everyday urban landscapes in a two-dimensional graphic form.”

Are there artists, designers or architects that your work is inspired from?

“I’m inspired by both contemporary artists and graphic designers and by influential artists from the past. My favorite artists are Kandinszkij, Malevich, Rothko, Moholy-Nagy, Kassák.

I’m also inspired by architects like Chamberlin, Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer  and so on – I really like the raw materials, concrete buildings, and brutalism, everything that reduces the elements to a  minimalist state.”

In these two pieces (above), what buildings are they from?

“These pictures are the result of my experiments. Instagram and other social media platforms are good for finding new inspirations and, to extend my borders to create something new or extraordinary. In case of these two mentioned images, I removed the background obstacles and made major changes in the shape of the buildings to create new unique forms. You can’t find these buildings in the world, they were created in my mind.”

Let’s take a look at some of your other pieces now. Tell me what you can about them.

“These two are made of several elements from different urban landscapes,  therefore they’re minimalist and constructivist collages  but ultimately they are minimalist compositions.”

“These images are from  my urban monolith project – all elements are made with vector graphics.”

Written by Yung Tsai. Photos © Balazs Csizik.
Follow him on Instagram to see more of his work. Visit his website for more work and info.

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