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Adam Gery

“My name is Adam Gery aka @value_everywhere and I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I grew up in a small town about an hour outside of the city. I’ve only recently begun practicing photography. When I was a child I used to play with my father’s Nikon EM, just pretending to use it without any film in it or anything. I received a point and shoot camera as a Christmas gift when I was a teenager but I barely used it and even as an adult I would rarely use the camera on my cell phone.

Then a few years ago I would find myself thinking “that would make a good photo” often enough that I bought a Yashica T4 point and shoot camera and I took those types of photos and they mostly ended up being pretty terrible. I didn’t actually know how to make a good photograph, but I still felt that I knew a good one when I saw it so I stuck with it. After much trial and error and a few camera upgrades I began to feel much more comfortable in making images that that I felt were both aesthetically pleasing and conceptually interesting.

I was initially shooting with a few different point and shoot cameras but I didn’t feel like I had the control that I wanted so I bought a Nikon F3 and I’ve been using it for about a year now and I absolutely love it. I do not use digital cameras, though I have nothing against them. I personally enjoy the ritual of shooting film, the anticipation and the imperfections. The T4 is almost always in my bag wherever I go.”

Value Everywhere

“On Instagram, I’m known as @value_everywhere. It’s loosely taken from the Donald Barthelme short story “The School” which is basically about death and how we cope with it. Near the end of the story, the narrator states that there was value everywhere, and I thought that would be a fitting name for a collection of photos without a continuous theme presented without description.”

Deep Relations

“My photos are moments that I’ve experienced so they have a personal meaning to me, yet simultaneously have a completely different meaning to everyone else. An aspect that I really like about photography is the ability to have as much time as you want to investigate a split second sliver of time. In a portrait the person is typically the focus, your eyes are drawn to them, but in these everyday scenes, each viewer determines the subject matter and meaning for themselves. You can read into them as little or as much as you want.

The viewer gives meaning to the photo as much as the photo gives meaning to the viewer. I’m honestly not really sure how I became interested in these types of photos, but I feel like I’ve always been drawn to conceptual aspects as opposed to the technical aspects of art.”

Favorite Places to Shoot

“Hmmm… I’m not sure if there is one particular place that is my favorite, but I tend to like small post industrial towns similar to where I grew up. I’m interested to see how these types of areas have adapted through the years and why some still thrive while others have declined. I try not to overthink these things when I’m out shooting, but I do try to keep them in the back of my mind. While I often have a particular place in mind to shoot I find a lot of my more meaningful photos are made after pulling my car over on the side of the road or while walking aimlessly down a street I’ve never been. ”

Favorite Photographers

“Oh man, I would have to say the photographer who most directly inspires my work visually is Wim Wenders, even though he’s famously known more for his films than his photographs. His photos of the American west and his early road movies were huge reasons for my latest road trip to the southwest. I can’t think of anyone who frames a photo better than him.

Another huge influence also happens to be a really great friend of mine, Zoe Strauss. Her work is not only amazing, but it has this indescribably humane quality unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s impossible for me to put into words just how much she has influenced both myself as a person and my work. Philadelphia is truly lucky to have her.”

December 13, 2017

“This photo was made at my recently deceased grandfathers house. I think that framed Jim Morrison photo was my aunt’s from when she was a teenager but it somehow worked it’s way into the living room after he passed away. This scene basically presented itself to me when I walked into the room and I was definitely surprised to see someone looking in at me from the window. ”

November 12, 2017

“This was made in a motel room in Gallup, New Mexico and is a rare moment when I used a flash. i stayed here for one night halfway through a two week drive around the southwest and I was pretty exhausted so I only went into town for a short time and spent most of my time in this motel.”

August 6 & August 18, 2017

“These two photos were taken close to each other and not far from where I grew up. I pass them all of the time and I love that these real life places never quite look or feel like these photos.” 

Upcoming Plans for 2018

“I am showing work for the first time in February here in Philadelphia. It’s a small solo show of unedited photos that i’ve taken over the last few years and I’m also in the process of making my first zine to coincide with it. I have a few ideas for future projects so my only real plan is to work to make those happen. It was great talking with you and thanks so much for featuring me on the site!”

By Pixsoul. Photos © Adam Gery.
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