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  • Collin Pollard-clouds

Collin Pollard

Featured Visual Artist Collin Pollard October 22nd, 2018 M y name is Collin Pollard and I am a visual artist [...]

  • Photo by Chris Malloy

Valérie Timmermans

Photo by Chris Malloy Featured Interview Valérie Timmermans March 15th, 2018 F or the 44,000 plus followers [...]

  • Ryan Buenning

Ryan Buenning

Featured Photographer Ryan Buenning February 07, 2018 M y name is Ryan Buenning. I grew up in Lawrence, [...]

Dino Kuznik

Featured Photographer Dino Kuznik January 16, 2018 Hello Dino and welcome! Please introduce yourself and talk about how [...]

  • Andrea Clarke

Andrea Clarke

Featured Photographer Andrea Clarke December 13, 2017 Hi Andrea and welcome! Could you introduce yourself and talk about [...]

  • McDonald'ss Double Exposure - Downey, CA - Kodak Ektar 100 (Bronica) 120 Film

Nick Leonard

Featured Photographer Nick Leonard December 18, 2017 Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nick Leonard at the age of [...]

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Kris Wixom @schwix1

“I was with my wife and little boy shooting some buildings in downtown Marfa when this guy rode up on a motorcyle with a dog literally riding on the back with him. I asked if I could take a portrait of them which he was happy to do. I asked if he lived there in town and he said he was a writer in residence for the last year writing a book on animal training. Seems like he’s doing a pretty good job based on that dog’s moto skills.

I had been spending so much of our trip focused on the landscape and random objects and cars you come across in the West Texas desert that it was nice to feature one of the wonderful people/characters who live there as well.” – Kris Wixom @schwix1

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  • Hyperreal Paintings by Yigal Ozeri

Hyperreal Paintings by Yigal Ozeri

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Sunset by Caroline Walker

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  • Antisocial by Mike Campau

Antisocial by Mike Campau

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  • California Infra Realism

California Infra Realism

February 12th, 2018|

From her series Infra Realism, Kate Ballis approaches California from a different, [...]

  • Markus Ulrich

Markus Ulrich

February 11th, 2018|

Photographer Profile: Markus Ulrich “Hi Pixsoul, thanks a [...]

  • Daniel Gonçalves

Daniel Gonçalves

February 2nd, 2018|

Photographer Profile: Daniel Gonçalves “Hi! This is Daniel [...]

Adam Gery

January 29th, 2018|

Photographer Profile: Adam Gery “My name is Adam [...]

Rielle Barill

January 27th, 2018|

Photographer Profile: Rielle Barill “My name is Rielle [...]

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